• Spray moustiquaire b√©b√© anti-moustiques manouka, 6h de protection
  • Baby

    Protect the frails

    Babies require really special protection against mosquitoes.¬†Their growing bodies are more fragile, that’s why the consequences of a possible allergy or a mosquito carrying a disease can be much more serious.

    Most of the time, mosquito repellents whose effectiveness is proven and recognized by  international bodies are classified as biocides. These are toxic products, subject to a specific regulation for this reason.

    This is why the easiest solution, and the one recommended by the World Health Organisation is to use a mosquito net with repellent on it.

    In order to develop its spray “Manouka Baby”, Manouka decided to use some CITRIODIOL, a harmless active ingredient that can be used for baby over 6 months of age.

    From 12 months of age, and in the case of little ones not staying under the mosquito net, MANOUKA developed a a mini-stick applicator,  specially designed for babies and pregnant mothers, and a family lotion.