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  • Pregnant women

    Protect the future mothers

    Pregnant mothers must be particularly careful when choosing their repellent.

    Pregnancy¬†can mean the beginning of a new stage in a¬†woman’s life, sometimes making her more vulnerable. A bite from a mosquito carrying a disease (such as Chinkungunya, Dengue or Malaria) can sometimes have heavy consequences for the baby.

    A pregnant woman’s body can release more CO¬≤ and more heat. Both can attract mosquitoes.

    The efficient repellents  recognised by international bodies (such as WHO) are most of the time classified as BIOCIDES (toxic).
    In France, the government agencies have determined that for a pregnant woman, the safest active ingredients are Citriodiol, used in MANOUKA Family, and IR3535 (15- 35%), used in ¬ę¬†tropical zone¬†¬Ľ and ¬ę¬†temperate zone¬†¬Ľ lotions.

    We chose to avoid using DEET, an active ingredient whose efficiency is recognized but not recommended before the age of 12 or for a pregnant woman, except in extreme cases when the danger of the mosquito bite is superior to that of DEET itself.