• Lotion manouka anti-moustique
  • Adult

    We are not equal in front of mosquitoes

    Except for pregnant women, there is no particular recommendation for adults, except when travelling. We simply recommand to be careful and to use products elaborated with active ingredients approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

    Some of the active ingredients used as repellent against mosquitoes, such as DEET, are sometimes approved but their use might be risky (Children, pregnant women, elderly people…). This is the reason why Manouka decided not to use this particular ingredient in its products, allowing a safe use.

    One must not forget that all adults are not equal before mosquitoes and sometimes, some will be stung while some will be spared. This is why we recommend to use the repellent best adaptated to one’s skin (sensitive, normal…)

    Allergies to mosquito bites

    Allergies are set off by proteins contained in the mosquito’s saliva. The body is sometimes made sensitive by the first bite while the second bite sets the allergy off. Preventive measures should be taken for all children presenting undesirable reaction, allergic or not. These mesures are based on simple skin protection advice, like the use of repellents, (while being aware of the toxicity of some of them) and the use of antihistamines.