About us

MANOUKA is a Laboratoire A brand introduced to the French market in 2005 and sold exclusively in pharmacies. Immediately, MANOUKA emerged as an innovative brand bringing (in addition to its professionalism and its rigor for effectiveness related to the pharmaceutical anti-mosquito market) creativity in the development of products and accessories.

MANOUKA is distributed by the group SKILLS IN HEALTHCARE, specialised in the distribution of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products. For more than 20 years, its founders have successfully invested in the field of pharmaceutical products, and in particular, in the branch of anti-parasite products (anti-fleas, anti-mosquitoes, sanitizers for homes, air and vacuum cleaners…)

1 tree planted for each Manouka product bought

Convinced that planet earth is a precious gift with a delicate balance, Manouka decided to partner up with Graine de vie, a non-profit-making organization that pursues the goal of offsetting the ecological footprint of the people of our industrialized countries by planting trees in developing countries. Thus, some of the Manouka product bear the words “One product Manouka bought = one planted tree”.